A taste of Ukraine

A taste of Ukraine

Stine Bosse, the chairman of the European Movement Denmark, invites the Ukrainian ambassador, Mykhailo Vydoinyk, to talk about Ukrainian traditions and culture during Political Festival of Europe. They will do so in a “TV kitchen setting” where they will cook the traditional Ukrainian dish deruny.

In Denmark and in other European countries we have seen many Ukrainian refugees. In the past few months we have learned a lot about the country, but how much do we really know about Ukrainian culture?

Stine and the ambassador will prepare the Ukrainian dish deruny. While preparing the dish they will talk about the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian food culture and culture in general. When the food is done, the audience will be able to have a taste of Ukraine.

The event takes place in the European Movements tent Saturday 27th of august at 14.45-15.30

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}  august 27, 2022
  lørdag, 14:45 til 15:30



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